1. elmerolsenmodels:

    Casey Taylor for Ports Men’s F/W 2013


  2. frompawntoqueen asked: Hello! I was trying to figure out how old Casey Taylor was google doesn't mean to want to tell me.

    Born 1981


  3. Anonymous asked: Does he have a twitter,instagram or fb?

    He deleted his FB a few years ago. No twitter, FB and insta


  4. Anonymous asked: Do you know exatly how old is Casey Taylor?



  5. Anonymous asked: Is that girl Lisa from Ubermenschlich13 . tumblr, Casey's girlfriend? seems like she is the only one close to him, having always new pictures with him, what she is doing a fashion designer, a booker what? Great blog about this goodlooking Canadian model.

    Sorry, but Im not sure. Ill let you know.

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  7. ubermenschlich13:

    all is fair in Love and Basketball.

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  10. ubermenschlich13:

    Fun @ Open Air Festival

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