1. Adam did it better than any men in Hollywood. He went for Elegance instead of Extravagance. Men in hollywood usually over do it hoping to make waves and impress people or show that they have money by giving big, uncomfortable, ugly rings. IIt’s not about how big and expensive it is, it’s about having a taste. Take note guys, This is coming from some who come from a family of affluent super lawyers and real state developers. i’m talking about #adambrody not me. #engagement #engagementrings #leightonmeester

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    Casey Taylor for Ports Men’s F/W 2013


  3. frompawntoqueen said: Hello! I was trying to figure out how old Casey Taylor was google doesn't mean to want to tell me.

    Born 1981


  4. Anonymous said: Does he have a twitter,instagram or fb?

    He deleted his FB a few years ago. No twitter, FB and insta


  5. Anonymous said: Do you know exatly how old is Casey Taylor?



  6. Anonymous said: Is that girl Lisa from Ubermenschlich13 . tumblr, Casey's girlfriend? seems like she is the only one close to him, having always new pictures with him, what she is doing a fashion designer, a booker what? Great blog about this goodlooking Canadian model.

    Sorry, but Im not sure. Ill let you know.

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  8. ubermenschlich13:

    all is fair in Love and Basketball.

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